St. Paul Preparatory Academics

The educational goal of St. Paul Preparatory School is to prepare students for success in the global community.

At St. Paul Preparatory School, we believe that students must be culturally literate and competent problem-solvers. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills and intercultural learning within a college preparatory academic framework. We also recognize the benefits of the non-formal learning that students gain from their daily interactions.

SPP values individualized learning. Our average class size is 20 students. The small classes create an environment conducive to personal interaction between students and teachers and provide the opportunity for students to explore topics of personal interest. Teachers are able to focus on the individual instructional needs of their students, particularly those with developing abilities in English.


St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) aims to prepare students not only to achieve success in a global society (as stated in our Mission), but also to become inquisitive, responsible, and compassionate individuals.

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St. Paul Prep counseling staff works with students individually to ensure students are prepared for college.

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Graduation Requirements

St. Paul Prep graduation requirements follow the NCA guidelines as well as meeting or exceeding the Minnesota state graduation standards

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Class Schedule

At the beginning of their first semester at St. Paul Prep, all students are given tests to determine their level of ability in math and English. Students are then scheduled in the appropriate classes.

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