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St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) aims to prepare students not only to achieve success in a global society, but also to become inquisitive, responsible, and compassionate individuals.

As an international high school located in the United States, we apply a curriculum that infuses Minnesota state and national standards in every subject area with International Education principles. Our students meet requirements of U.S. high schools, while achieving a unique global perspective.

International Education is an approach to learning that is focused on the critical thinking skills necessary for individuals to function successfully in intercultural contexts. This model, found primarily in higher education settings, draws from the research of various fields, including intercultural communication, anthropology, global studies, sociology, and political science.

SPP has developed four primary International Education goals for our curriculum to shape an educational environment that enables our students to better understand themselves and the world around them.

These goals are for students to:
  • demonstrate proficiency in SPP’s curriculum,
  • develop and refine intercultural thinking skills,
  • communicate effectively within an intercultural setting; and
  • exhibit personal and social responsibility.
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