International Business Diploma

St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) recognizes the ever-expanding global marketplace, therefore SPP is proud to offer an Internati onal Business Diploma. The multi-cultural structure of SPP makes it an ideal learning environment for any student who desires to pursue a degree within International Business after high school.

The SPP International Business Diploma introduces students to the understanding of the complexities of interrelationships between different countries’ political, economic policies and business practices.

Areas to be covered include the awareness of the impact of international business, communication strategies, environmental factors, technology, ethics, finance, management practices, import/export and balance of trade issues, as well as an awareness of real world economics as they affect everyday life.

The International Business Diploma at SPP is a dynamic six course program that enhances the high school core curriculum by providing additional academic courses which emphasize customs and cultures, marketing, business, and international studies. SPP graduates with the International Business Diploma have a strong academic, business, marketing, communication, and finance foundation in addition to foreign language skills. The curriculum prepares students for advancement into post-secondary education and beyond in the highly competitive and constantly changing global economic environment.

Career Pathways

Career pathways include Administration, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Business Technology, Marketing, and Communication. In addition to the core content classes offered through the International Business track, St. Paul Preparatory School offers content-related learning activities and community service projects, internships, visits to businesses in the international and domestic commerce industries, and networking opportunities with community members in various career fields.

This new program will be a wonderful enhancement to the other exciting opportunities that are available at St. Paul Preparatory School including our strong college preparation program. Students gain experience in marketing themselves, polishing their communication skills, and building self-esteem and confidence while discovering the opportunities that await them at the post-secondary levels and beyond.

Diploma Standards

•   International Business Seminar Survey Course
•   Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Human Resources
•   Accounting and Finance
•   Marketing, Communication, Global Cultures and Languages
•   Internships and Community Involvement
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