Global Leadership Diploma

St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) is pleased to announce it's new Global Leadership Diploma program coming in the Fall of 2015. The Global Leadership Diploma at SPP is more than just a leadership program. With an international student body representing more than 30 countries each year, SPP provides the opportunity for students to start becoming tomorrrow’s leaders today.

The SPP Global Leadership Diploma provides students with an advanced education in oral and written language, skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and cultural understanding. By developing these abilities, students who graduate with the Global Leadership Diploma will understand the commonalities and differences throughout various cultures, speak multiple languages, and understand the complexities of global issues. Students who enter the program will work on character building and interpersonal skills to develop a strong future in their chosen career-path after graduation. Students will engage in reflective and team building activities to learn about themselves and others in order to grow into capable leaders who are ready to take on the challenges of the future.


The Global Leadership Diploma is designed as a two-year diploma to prepare students for further studies at the university level in International Relations, Law and Legal Studies, Education, Diplomacy, Labor Relations, and Human Resources.

  • Innovation & Leadership - Help build strong leaders with original curriculum developed by globally educated teachers
  • Global Network - Students learn amongst an international student body where they can witness about different cultures and global issues firsthand
  • Location - SPP’s urban setting in dowtown St. Paul is in close proximity to top companies that do business worldwide and gives our students the opportunity to tour and/or intern at these companies
  • Our Mission - We prepare our international student body for success in a global society by offering a college/university preparatory education, comprehensive language instruction, and cultural exchange opportunities, all of which play a crucial role in the Global Leadership Diploma

Areas of Study

  • World History
  • Human Geography
  • World Literature and Composition
  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Professional Communications
  • Comparative Government
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • French or Spanish
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