Information Technology

Advanced Placement Computer Science A

Students will solve problems by designing and coding programs in Java. This course covers all topics on the AP Computer Science syllabus including: object-oriented programming, abstraction, algorithms, and data structures. Unit titles include Computer Systems, Objects and Primitive Data Types, Strings, Arrays and Array Lists, Class Hierarchies, Recursion, Searching and Sorting Algorithms. This is a university level course recommended for students who may major in Computer Science, and covers all topics from a typical Computer Science I class. You must have passed Algebra I or equivalent course in order to enroll in this course. This course is part of the STEM Diploma Program.

Mobile App Development (AP Computer Science Principals) (one semester)

This project-based course will challenge students to view their phones as tools instead of toys. Students will build their won games and applications for mobile devices using MIT’s Android App Inventor. Students can take this class at an introductory level (Mobile Apps) or a university level (AP Computer Science Principles). Topics covered will be the same, but students on the university level will be held to a higher stand in grading. Unit titles include Creating Graphics and Images Bit by Bit; Exploring Computing: Animation, Simulation and Modeling; Algorithms and Procedural Abstraction; Using and Analyzing Data and Information; and Communication Through the Internet. Recommended for students who want to know more about programming, but who may not major in it. You must have passed Algebra I or equivalent course in order to enroll in this course. This course is part of the STEM Diploma Program.


Yearbook is a year-long course focused on creating an end-of-the-year yearbook that is distributed to every student and staff member at SPP. During the first semester, students will learn about the steps to creating a yearbook and how to create their own pages. Additionally, students will be required to take time during first semester to document fall and winter events. At the end of the first semester and throughout the second semester, students apply their knowledge of yearbook creation as they design and construct the pages that will appear in the yearbook. Students will gain a variety of skills including journalism, photo journalism, and photography, as well as the ability to construct and edit pages electronically through the publisher’s website. There are no prerequisites for this course. However, success in this course requires a strong base in English grammar, a willingness to edit and revise, a commitment to documenting events outside of class and school time.

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