St. Paul Preparatory School's STEM Program

St. Paul Preparatory School (SPP) is proud to offer a strong and competitive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for their dynamic and multicultural student body. With award winning teaching staff and a newly remodeled laboratory, SPP is a leader in STEM education.

SPP believes that four years of core-course study in mathematics, science and technology that incorporates the principles of engineering is the best preparation for entering college STEM programs


The SPP STEM Program is available to all students and recognizes those students who have dedicated themselves to this rigorous course of study. By pursuing the SPP STEM option, these students show interest in mastering critical thinking and problem solving skills, and increase their ability to creatively collaborate to achieve measurable results, which makea them a valuable part of the 21st century workforce. Upon completion of the STEM program, students receive the STEM Diploma.

Projected Outcomes Summary

Science – Four years of science, including physics and concluding with AP Chemistry or AP Physics, prepares students to enter a science program at any college or university.

Technology – By completing two courses in computer programming, concluding with AP Computer Science, students are prepared to apply computer software skills for technological innovation. Completion of technology electives will further prepare students for other challenges in computer science, including designing and building 3-D models and objects as well as a fuller understanding of other applications of technology within industry and the arts.

Engineering – After completing two years of introductory engineering courses, students have learned to apply the engineering design process. They will be able to identify a problem, analyze it, develop solutions, implement the solutions, and iterate the process for continual improvement. Completion of engineering elective courses will further strengthen these qualities as well as provide initial education in such areas as aeronautics and robotics.

Mathematics – Completion of four years of mathematics, concluding with AP Calculus or pre-Calculus and AP Statistics, will fully prepare students to enter the advanced mathematics program at any college or university.

Course Requirements

• Maintain a minimum of a B average in all STEM courses, as well as an overall 3.0 GPA in all classes
• Work with an academic advisor to complete their STEM education goals

• Four years of mathematics
• Completion of one of the following:
      - Pre Calculus - 2 credits
      - AP Calculus - 2 credits
      - AP Statistics - 2 credits

• Four years of science including
      - General Science - 2 credits
      - Biology - 2 credits
      - and Physics - 2 credits
• Two credits of either AP Chemistry or AP Physics

• Completion of at least four credits of technology courses
• Two credits of AP Computer Science

• Six credits of engineering classes
• Two credits of Introduction to Engineering Design
• Two credits of Principles of Engineering

Other Requirements
• Two years of participation in any one or combination of the following:
      - Robotics
      - Math Club
      - Science
      - Aeronautics Club
• At least two credits of STEM electives
• Summer internship or job shadowing with log book and written report
• Successful completion of English for Engineers and Scientists
• Attendance at six or more STEM lunches
• TOEFL score 90 or more at end of program, or Lexile® level above 1150
Using and exploring creativity is essential. Students should also consider coursework in:
• Drawing
• Painting
• Computer Animation
• Web Design
• Music
• Theatre

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