International FAQ

I am worried that I don’t speak and write in English well enough. Can I get help at St. Paul Prep?

Yes, we do offer several courses designed to help students improve their English. The lower level courses focus on the fundamentals of English speaking, listening, and writing, while the more advanced classes help students to improve their English while studying composition, history, and science.

I want to graduate and earn a diploma. Will I be able to?

Possibly. We will study your transcripts from your home country to determine how many credits you have already earned that can be applied to your studies here. If you can complete the remaining required credits while at St. Paul Prep, you may be eligible to earn a diploma. You are also required to attend St. Paul Prep for at least two full semesters before graduating. Students coming for one semester or less are not eligible to graduate. In addition, you must earn a minimum score on a college entrance exam to demonstrate proficiency in English.

Since I am only coming to St. Paul Prep for one semester and won’t get to graduate, can I choose which classes that I want to take?

We give all students the opportunity to voice their preferences for courses and use this information to help create student schedules. However, students are not guaranteed placement in specific courses because there may be limited space available. Regardless of the length of their program at St. Paul Prep, we require all students to take a full load of classes, which includes a variety of academic subjects (math, science, history, foreign language, and English) and electives (art, music, physical education, etc.). We have found that this helps students to make the most of their educational experience in the U.S. When you arrive, you will be given English and math tests to help us place you into classes that are the correct level for you.

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