Preparing for Your Time at St. Paul Prep

What to Pack


The weather will be warm and sunny when you arrive in late August or early September (60-80º F). The temperatures will begin cooling off in October, and by November, you will need to have a warm coat and gloves. You may purchase these items once you are here. In March, the weather will begin to warm up, and by the time school ends in June, the weather will again be in the 80’s.

St. Paul Prep students do not wear uniforms, but we do have guidelines about what our students may and may not wear to school. Low-cut or cropped tops that expose the midriff (stomach), shorts and skirts shorter than 6” above the knee, and clothing with messages or logos relating to alcohol, drugs, sex, or gangs is not permitted. Caps and hats may not be worn in school.

You may want to take part in a fitness or physical education class during your time at St. Paul Prep, so you should pack some comfortable clothes to exercise in and your athletic shoes. If you are planning to play on the soccer team, you should bring your soccer shoes and shin guards with you as well.

In the fall, we will hold a Homecoming Dance and in spring, we will hold a school Prom. These are formal dances that high schools all around the United States hold. While you are certainly not required to wear formal clothing for this event, you might want to consider packing a nice dress or suit.

School Supplies

You can purchase any schools supplies that you need once you have arrived, but you should consider bringing the following items with you:
  • Backpack or bag
  • Pens, pencils, erasers, etc.
  • Laptop or iPad
  • Dictionary (English/your language)
  • Graphing calculator*

*Please note: St. Paul Preparatory School uses Casio calculators. Any student enrolled in Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, or AP Statistics will be requested to use the FX-9860GII graphing calculator, which is available for check-out at St. Paul Prep (with a $20 refundable deposit).

Other items

Because of the international focus of our program, we would like for you to bring pictures, music, recipes, national costumes, and/or anything else that represents your culture. There will be opportunities to share these things with your classmates and host families! Don’t worry if you can’t fit everything in your suitcase; just bring what you can!

Spending Money

We generally recommend that you plan to have $200 in spending money per month. Based upon how much money you usually spend (on entertainment, clothes, music, dining out, etc.), you will need to decide on an amount that is most appropriate for you.

Most school-related expenses are included in your tuition (textbooks, most field trips, the school yearbook etc.), but there may be school supplies (paper, pens, notebooks, etc.) that you will need to purchase once you arrive.

Your host family will provide you with three meals a day. For lunch, they will have food available for you to pack to bring with you to school. If you choose to purchase lunch at school, your host family is not required to provide you with money to do so.

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