U.S. Student FAQ’s

How many American students attend St. Paul Prep?

Our student body is representative of the world’s population and is not dominated by one specific country. This holds true for our American students, who currently make up anywhere from 10% to 20% of our student population depending on the school year. We are always ready to welcome more U.S. students into our school because they can gain so much from their interaction with the international students and vice versa.

Do I have to be a “straight A” student to apply to St. Paul Prep?

While our program is designed to offer students a rigorous college-preparatory education, we do not limit our enrollment to students with a certain grade point average. Instead, we look for well-rounded, motivated students who have a desire to learn about other cultures. The students who succeed in our school are those who take an active role in their own education and welcome new experiences and challenges.

How is my schedule determined? Do I get a say in what classes I take?

Like any high school, St. Paul Prep requires students to take certain types of classes in order to graduate. However, students do have the opportunity to request classes, particularly electives, that interest them. In addition, placement in academic courses is determined by ability, not grade level, which enables you to take advanced courses as soon as you are ready.

Do all of the students at St. Paul Prep speak English?

All St. Paul Prep students are required to speak English at school. Most of our international students arrive with a high level of English ability, but we do offer specific ELL and modified courses for students who need a little extra help.

Does St. Paul Prep have a boarding option for U.S. students?

We do not currently offer any boarding accommodations for American students. However, our international students live with Host Families. Learn more about SPP's Host Family Program HERE.

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