Tuition For U.S. Students

Tuition, Scholarships, & Financial Aid

Tuition & Fees

The total price for the current school year is $10,500.

This price includes:
  • Academic tuition
  • School registration fees
  • Facility fees
  • School field trips (some field trips may require additional fees)

Please note: Tuition price does not include participation in sports teams or after-school activities. There will also be a semester textbook & technology fee that will be collected during the first week of class, fall and spring semester. Additional fees may apply in classes that require supplementary materials. 


Full and partial scholarships may be available for each school year. Selection for these awards is based upon student academic achievement, talents and abilities, leadership skills, and overall capacity to contribute positively to the school program. Scholarship awards are not based on financial need but may be combined with an offer of financial aid. While there is not a final deadline for scholarship applications, priority is given to early applicants. Please see the Scholarship Application for specific instructions.

Please note: All students (even those receiving full scholarships) must pay to cover the cost of miscellaneous school fees.

Financial Aid

Students may receive up to $5,000 (50% of the total cost) in financial aid. A student may receive an academic scholarship in addition to an offer of financial aid. A family’s need is not determined by St. Paul Preparatory School, but by a private, confidential service called Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS).

Applicants interested in applying for financial aid should complete the online TADS application before or concurrent with the submission of complete application materials to St. Paul Prep.


Families may choose to pay student tuition in one amount at the beginning of the school year, two installments (one for each semester), or on a monthly basis (the total amount will be divided into 10 monthly payments). Each family must confirm its payment schedule with the school prior to student enrollment. With school authorization, the payment schedule may be adjusted throughout the year to meet a family’s needs. Failure to make regular tuition payments may result in the withholding of student grade reports and possible dismissal from school.

Medical Forms & Vaccination Records

All medical forms and vaccination records must be up to date and submitted along with the Student Application in order to be considered for enrollment. Any fees associated with updating a student's medical forms and/or vaccinations will not be paid for by the school.

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