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St. Paul Preparatory School believes that having our international students live with a host family is the best way for them to learn about and experience a new country and way of life.

International students who attend St. Paul Prep live with host families during their stay. This provides the opportunity for total immersion into the culture and language of the United States. Below, you will find answers to the many questions you may have about hosting an international student.

My family would like to host a student. What should we do first?

Fill out a Host family Application here, and our local representative will contact you once we receive a completed application. 

Do Host Families receive a stipend for hosting?

St. Paul Preparatory School host families are given a monthly stipend per student for hosting.

What do we have to provide the student in order to host?

Host families provide students with room, board, and a warm family environment. We ask host families to provide three meals a day, including food to make a sack lunch if the student wants to take one to school. If the student chooses to buy lunch, that would be the student’s responsibility. Host families are also expected to provide other amenities of home, such as laundry, a place to study, and the support of family members.

Does a student have to have their own room?

Yes, students must have their own bedroom.

Can we host even if we don’t speak another language?

Yes. One of the main reasons students come to our school is to improve their English skills. Living with an English-speaking family is key. You might even enjoy learning bits of another language from your host student!

Do you have to be married or have children to host?

No. Host families come in all sizes and situations: married, single, with children, and without. We don’t hold biases as to who would make a good host family. Whoever hosts must simply be committed to providing the student with a positive experience and must be approved by our host family screening process, including undergoing a background check for the student's safety. (Some placements do require special acceptance from the student and their natural parents. This would be handled by the Nacel Open Door office.)

How does insurance work for my student?

St. Paul Preparatory School students are covered by an insurance policy for the duration of their program.

Insurance Information Packet

If you have any remaining questions, contact your local representative or call St. Paul Prep at 651-288-4606.

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