Ready to Host?

Follow these easy steps to ensure a fun and enlightening experience for your family and international student:

  1. Discuss as a family your desire to host.

    It’s important that all family members are involved in the decision to host a student. It can be a great family experience to share our culture with someone new. Think of where the student will stay and how this might affect family dynamics.

  2. Complete our online Host Family Application.

    Your completed application will automatically be received by the Nacel Open Door national office and will be confirmed with an email response. If you have been working with a local rep and indicated who that is on your application, they will also contact you and work with you throughout the hosting process. If you have not been working with a local rep, we will forward your application to one, who will contact you and work with you throughout the hosting process.

  3. Wait to be contacted by your local representative.

    Your local rep will contact you to help you complete your hosting paperwork. This paperwork consists of a hosting application (part of which you have already completed in Step 2), parts one and two of a Host Family Visit Form, and three references. You will also need to fill out an online Criminal Background Check (contact your coordinator for the Criminal Background Check password) and complete a separate Minnesota Background Check Form, this will need to be notarized. Your local rep will set up a time to visit your home and explain this further during your Host Family Visit. During this visit, the local rep will discuss the hosting experience in more detail, answer any questions you may have, and try to learn more about your family, such as how you spend time together, rules you have and how they are enforced, and expectations you have of your student. The rep will want to see the room where the student will be staying, and then the Host Family Visit Form will be completed.

  4. Write a welcome letter/email to your student.

    Your student will be happy to hear from you, and you will have the chance to get to know more about each other before they arrive if you begin corresponding.

  5. Prepare for your student’s arrival.

    This includes making sure their bedroom is ready for them with their bedding and enough space for them to put their clothes and personal items away in a dresser or closet. You may want to plan a special dinner or activity for shortly after their arrival to make them feel welcome. Your local rep can assist with other suggestions for providing a warm welcome.

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